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Most Popular: Troyer’s Chicken Salad: Fantastical Sharing of Recipes

Our most popular recipe this week from Group D’s reveal, chosen by YOU the readers was this Troyer’s Chicken Salad from Fantastical Sharing of Recipes. Janies’s assignment that she chose her recipe from was Loving Life.

Troyers Chicken Salad

I have a favorite chicken salad recipe I use already, but this one is interesting with the addition of red and green peppers. Janie had this to say about her recipe…

“I’ve made a few chicken salad recipes, but none of them really stood out to me and made me fall in love with them. This one totally filled the empty place in my soul for a good chicken salad recipe! Having it on a bagel just made it that much better. My kids loved it and that is a huge deal since my son hates mayonnaise – or so we thought”.

Check out the recipe for Troyer’s Chicken Salad.


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