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Most Popular: Turtle Bar Bites


I can seriously understand the name of this blog and why Christina named it Mele Cotte.  As she explains, Mele Cotte means “baked apple” in Italian.  Baked apples are a favorite childhood dish and memory for her.  Sounds like she and I grew up in the same household.  Christina received Aimee’s blog, From Chapel Hill to Chickenville for her SRC assignment this month.  As you might guess from the name of her blog, she was raised around Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The second part of Aimee’s blog name comes from the fact that she has a dozen chickens in a coop in her backyard.  They not only lay eggs but are the entertainment committee for their family!  Christina says . . .

“I whipped up a batch of her “Sick Good” Turtle Bars.  When all was said and done, I realized that the bars were really similar to my Macadamia Nut bars. The change in nuts was a delicious change and I am excited I chose these bars.”

Check out the recipe for Turtle Bar Bites.



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