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Most Popular: Weeknight Bolognese


OK.  Of all the people I know, 95% of them LOVE spaghetti.  Whether it be with meatballs, marinara, or simply some olive oil and herbs, spaghetti is definitely a dish that everyone loves.  When it comes to sauces, however, there are some strong opinions about which “topping” is best.  Which just tells me one thing. . . they haven’t tried Weeknight Bolognese!  Wendy from La Phemme Phoodie gives you a great presentation and a quick a delicious recipe with this dish.  The challenge to each and every one of you is to make this Bolognese sauce and then try and convince yourself that it isn’t the best spaghetti accompaniment that you have ever tasted!  Wendy said . . .

As Ashley indicated, this dish can go from your kitchen to table in 45 minutes. It’s the perfect weeknight dish. I threw in a handful of chopped peppers to sneak some veggies into the sauce. Other than that, I followed the original recipe.  I think this recipe would also be great to make and freeze to use at a later date. I love freezer friendly meals!”

Check out the recipe for Weeknight Bolognese.


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