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Nutella Mousse 3 Ways: Phemomenon


Holly over at Phemomenon makes everything look and sound easy.  Raising her family, using cooking as her “therapy”, keeping life fun but simple.  This month her SRC assignment was Erica’s blog, Itzy’s Kitchen.  I’m not going to complicate things by raving on and on about both of these innovative and creative bloggers.  Instead, I’ll shut my trap and let Holly do the talking.  Holly says . . .

“As I was going through her recipes it was obvious to me that this is a gal who likes to eat well, but likes to eat healthy (and has a super cute baby girl!). Of course, then leave it to me to stumble on a recipe that is dangerous information (and on the less-than-healthy side). Come on. You know me well enough by now to know I’ll go to the decadent side of things 9 times out of 10.”  Decadent, yes.  Easy?  You bet!

Check out the recipe for Nutella Mousse 3 Ways.


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