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Open Face Fish Sandwich: Pass the Sushi


This fish sandwich really looks great.  So great I wish I had one right now.  I guess the good news is that now that I have this recipe I can make my own!     Kita from Pass the Sushi received Gitte’s blog, My Danish Kitchen for her SRC assignment this month and I’m so glad she chose this recipe.  Kita says stuff like “girl geek”, “rock an apron”, and “the whole shabang”.  Oh, and she also sews and sells aprons on Etsy.  Gitte used to have a fear of cooking, believe it or not.  Now she embraces and even loves all things food.  By the way, she uses her hubby and son for guinea pigs.  From what I’ve seen, I would volunteer to be her guinea pig, too!  Kita says . . .

“ Sure, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by a new cuisine and pick a simple recipe off of someone else’s blog that you know is accomplished. But what’s the point? I guess if I wanted to run an easy blog, everyone one of my posts could be right off the back of the Betty Crocker box too, but that’s not what I feel my food blog is about. I started digging through Gitte’s collection of classic Danish recipes, reading about their origins, traditions and ever doing a little wikipedia searching on the side – because that’s what I feel a good SRC post should entail – actually getting to know the other blogger.  I have just recently discovered a love for fish sandwiches, and with Lent right around the corner, I thought this Smørrebrød was a fitting meal.”

Check out the recipe for Open Face Fish Sandwich.


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