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Pineapple Roasted Vegetables: Our Eating Habits


Jamie who blogs at Our Eating Habits received Danielle’s blog, Delicious Existence for her SRC assignment this month.  Jamie loves to cook, bake and find great places to eat.  She looks for the best in food as she believes no one, including herself and family, want to waste calories on bad food.  Danielle is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach Lifestyle Motivator and encourages her readers to take it a step further and look beyond the plate.  Focus on relationships with family, friends, and significant others, as well recreation, career, and spiritual practice, all which provide nourishment.  Jamie says . . .

“It was delicious, I loved the addition of pineapple in vegetables! Danielle is a Health Coach and lifestyle motivator, so along with recipes she has oodles of other stuff over at her blog, so you can go check her out!”

Check out the recipe for Pineapple Roasted Vegetables.


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