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Poached Hake in Thai Coconut Sauce: Natural Noshing


Nora from Natural Noshing was given Dena’s blog, Oh! You Cook! for her SRC assignment this month.  Nora is a gluten-free gal and her tummy thanks he for it every day.  Her high energy level she attributes to almost eliminating refined sugar – almost being the key word.  She does indulge a bit during the holidays.  Dena devotes her blog to kosher recipes that include chicken, beef and fish as well as dairy, parve, vegan and vegetarian.  Nora says . . .

“She has so many recipes that I kept drooling over but the one I kept going back to was her Broiled Haddock with Thai Coconut Sauce. I happen to love anything Thai and I’ve been searching for a savory dish that incorporates (one of the many cans of) coconut milk I purchased on sale recently – waalaa, this was the one!  This recipe was amazing, many thanks to Dena for posting this entree that inspired this oh-so-flavorful dinner!”

Check out the recipe for Poached Hake in Thai Coconut Sauce.


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