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Pork Short Ribs with Mustard Sauce: Karen Cooks

Karen from Karen Cook’s is from Montana.  Meagan from A Zesty Bite is from Texas.  Both states know for it’s wide open spaces, wildlife, and cowboys.  And both states now known for two great blogs!  Karen was assigned Meagan’s blog for her SRC assignment this month.  Karen says . . .

“A few of the recipes I was interested in were Chile Rellenos turkey Casserole, Rosemary Lamb chops, and Baked Pecan Chicken.

What I kept coming back to though, was Meagan’s recipe for Rustic Beef Short Ribs with Mustard Sauce. It sure looked good and I loved the idea of serving it with a Mustard Sauce. I changed the recipe up to suit what I had on hand and added a few things I like in a good stew and ended up with Pork Short Ribs with Mustard Sauce!”

Check out the recipe for Pork Short Ribs with Mustard Sauce.


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