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Potato Pumpkin Pierogies: Kudos Kitchen By Renee


As soon as I saw these soft, beautiful, delicious pierogies I knew I was going to have to make them!  Making them is really fun and eating them is even better.  And, since this was Renee’s first time to make them, she has step-by-step directions that any newbie to pierogies can appreciate.  Renee from Kudos Kitchen by Renee received Kirstin’s blog, Loving Life, for her SRC assignment this month.  Renee said . . .

“I’m pleased and proud to present my Potato Pumpkin Pierogi that was insPired by  princess Kirstin of Loving Life. Plenty of polite pleasantries to you Kirstin!  I poured my person into the production and these potato and pumpkin, plump and portly pasta packages are quite possibly the prettiest  pierogies I’ll ever present in a post…perhaps. :)”

Check out the recipe for Potato Pumpkin Pierogies.


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