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Prawns with Tomato, Dill and Feta: Wandering Spice


Yasmeen blogs over at Wandering Spice.  This is what Yasmeen says about herself.  “My philosophy is that the best meals are imperfect, fun and inspired by life. I’m endlessly interested in food and culture, and love sleuthing out the histories behind the foods of the world. I channel that here by sharing my most beloved Middle Eastern family heirloom dishes, along with other Eastern-inspired sweets and savories I’ve invented/discovered during my travels.”  This month her SRC assignment was My Judy the Foodie by Shari.  Shari describes herself this way.  “I am kitchen-clueless. But, I’m ready for a challenge as I attempt to stumble through my mom’s famed recipes, reliving my most heartfelt childhood memories while creating new traditions for my own family.”  Now, how could you possibly wait to dive into both of these ladies’ blogs and read their stories and make their recipes?!  Yasmeen says . . .

“Shari cooks her way through her mother’s treasured recipes and shares anecdotes about family life. After reading only a few of her stories, I fell in love with what sounded like the perfect lunch: prawns braised in a fragrant tomato sauce, softened with earthy oregano and dill and topped with sharp feta. Tastiness aside, it was the significance of the recipe that drew me in and begged me to try it.”

Check out the recipe for Prawns with Tomato, Dill and Feta.


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