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Pumpkin Roll: Fearless Homemaker

Pumpkin Roll: Fearless Homemaker

We LOVE pumpkin rolls!  All of us.  I don’t know one person that doesn’t.  There is something magical about the flavor combinations of the bread itself and the filling.  Ahhhhh, and nothing says “Fall” like one of these beauties.  Amy from the Fearless Homemaker has really put the icing on the cake – or IN the cake with the help of her SRC assignment this month, i am a honey bee, written by the lovely nicole.  Amy said . . .

“It didn’t take me long to choose what recipe to try from her blog – I saw an awesome-looking pumpkin roll, which reminded me that I had yet to make a single pumpkin recipe so far this fall. The horror! So, I gathered up the ingredients + got baking. This was my first time making any sort of rolled cake + I admit, I was intimidated. However, it was far easier than I expected, coming together easily + quickly. And the flavor? Sooooo good. A moist, delicate, super flavorful pumpkin cake rolled up with a sweet, amazing cream cheese frosting. So delicious!”

Check out the recipe for Pumpkin Roll.


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