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Pumpkin Sopapillas with Pico de Gallo: Juanita’s Cocina

I love it when what some of us may think of as a traditional turkey-n-dressing type holiday turns into a fiesta of flavors and unique dishes.  Such is the case with these festive, fall-ish, non-traditional appetizers enter the holiday scene.  Juanita from Juanita’s Cocina received Gloria’s blog, Canela Kitchen, for her SRC assignment this month.  Juanita said . . .

Pumpkin Sopapillas with Pico de Gallo

“I love how well the pico pairs with the sopapillas!  These are SUPER quick to make, so you can enjoy them whenever you want…which will be OFTEN once you try them!”

Check out the recipe for Pumpkin Sopapillas with Pico de Gallo.


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