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Pumpkin Soup: Wandering Spice


Yasmeen is an international superstar as someone who has lived in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, and Amsterdam where she fell in love with an Australian, followed her heart and her taste buds and moved to Melbourne, from where she currently blogs at Wandering Spice.  Whew!  Her SRC assignment this past month was Erin’s blog, easy. everyday. eats.  Erin didn’t consider herself even a candidate to be a blogger until just recently.  She loves to bake and cook but has little time due to a busy life and being newly wed to her husband Jeremy.  She likes to make simple and delicious meals and is learning more about photography every day.  Yasmeen says . . .

I was quite happy to stumble on this recipe for pumpkin soup.  We often get plump butternut or Queensland Blue pumpkins in our CSA or from the family farm, and love the silken soup that results from a quick saute, splash of stock and drop of cream.

Erin’s recipe and mine only have a few differences – whereas she uses thyme, I use nutmeg. I also use canola (instead of butter) to keep it light, and toss in a few carrots. We both garnish with earthy sage, and both love the warm simplicity of this anytime soup.”

Check out the recipe for Pumpkin Soup.


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