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Roasted Broccolini Wrapped in Prosciutto: Spinach Tiger


I really do love this dish.  Everything is better with prosciutto.  Some say it’s bacon.  But I say prosciutto.  Angela from Spinach Tiger received Claire K Creations for her SRC assignment this month.  What a great choice she made, too.  Angela said . . .

“Right away I narrowed it down to two choices. This raspberry lemon buttermilk tart or these roasted broccolini prosciutto bundles.   I was invited to a dinner party and decided I would bring the bundles. Thank you Claire for having such an original recipe, and one I know I will make again and again.I highly recommend making them, but read on, because there is still more to learn about prosciutto. I hope by the end of this you appreciate this meat and gain a passion for it, as I have.”

Check out the recipe for Roasted Broccolini Wrapped in Proscuitto.


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