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Roasted Grape and Arugula Salad: The Cooking Enthusiast


Doesn’t this look just fabulous?!  I want to sit down to this exact same meal at my table!  The salad is by The Culinary Enthusiast, Kelley who hails from the Chicagoland area.  Her SRC assignment this month was Kristy’s blog, the Gastronomical Sovereignty from Victoria, B.C.  Kelley says . . .

“Kristy’s blog is full of fantastic recipes.  I had a hard time deciding on which one to make this month.  It’s been crazy hot here in Chicagoland this summer, so I decided on a salad. . . . I wasn’t sure about the roasted grapes at first, but this salad was delicious!  Easy enough for a weeknight dinner too, which is always a plus.”

Check out the recipe for Roasted Grape and Arugula Salad.

Update: the picture is from Kristy’s site.


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