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Roasted Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad: Lick The Spoon


OOooooooooWeeeeee!  I have to say, when I saw this salad, I was so excited to try it.  Roasted strawberries?  Double-yeehaw WOW!  This one is one to not only lick the spoon but the whole bowl.  Louise who lives on the east coast of Australia and blogs at Lick The Spoon received The Savvy Kitchen by Amy who lives close to the east coast of the United States in Virginia.  Louise says . . .

“I put it to the test with my husband 1.) knowing that he hates small seeds such as poppy seeds and strawberry seeds in anything because they are hard to get out of your teeth, and 2.) that he comes from a line of people who do not have fruits or nuts in their salads.
The outcome? “That’s really good! surprisingly good!” says he as we stabbed our forks around that colourful bowl of salad.
And so it was. The textures and the flavours were beautifully balanced–the nuttiness of the slivered almonds, the crunch of the onion, the tanginess of the strawberries, and the sweetness of the dressing were all a feast for the senses. Not to mention how pretty it looked.”

Check out the recipe for Roasted Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad.


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