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Rocky Road Fudge: Cafe Lynnylu


Lynne who is the creator, author and official photographer of the blog, Cafe Lynnylu, combines her love of food with her fabulous photography.  And to top that off lives in the southern food capital of the U.S.A., Georgia.  Her SRC assignment for this month was Colleen who loves to bake, much to the delight of family and friends, especially for her holiday treats.  Colleen blogs over at Secrets From The Cookie Princess, which is exemplified by this statement: “For 2011, I made 142 dozen cookies. I know it’s less than last year, but I also made pie, bars, muffins, candy and a bunch of other stuff. Don’t judge me.”  I love this gal!   Lynne says . . .

“I kept returning to her Perfect Fudge, a family recipe well-received by all who believe it more complicated than it actually is. Three simple ingredients-chocolate melts or chips, sweetened condensed milk and marshmallow creme! Although her fudge looked wonderful and I really didn’t need to change anything,  I used miniature marshmallows and added toasted walnuts to mine to make a Rocky Road fudge. I was visiting my family for the weekend, so this fudge traveled well and was a big hit!”

Check out the recipe for Rocky Road Fudge.

Update: Lynne’s blog is no longer available. You can find the recipe for Perfect Fudge on Colleen’s blog - and can add mini marshmallows and toasted walnuts to make it Rocky Road Fudge like Lynne did :) Below is Colleen’s picture of Perfect Fudge:



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