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Rooibos Tea and Lavender Sorbet: Manu’s Menu


Manuela from Manu’s Menu received Tandy’s blog, Lavender and Lime for her SRC assignment this month.  And how appropriate that Manuela would select a dish that incorporates a bit of lavender!  Although I admit to being a Rooibos Tea virgin, the way this ice cream looks, I may not be for much longer.  Manuela says . . .

 ”I have a soft spot for lavender, though I did not have any of it and I had to dig quite a bit online before finding a place that sold it!  Luckily my husband volunteered (sort of) to go get some and I was all set to go. :-)   Well, the whole family loved the final result!  It could be served either as a palate cleanser in between courses or as a dessert.  I could distinctively taste the rooibos, lavender and honey, yet all three flavours melted harmoniously in the mouth!  Delicious.”

Check out the recipe for Rooibos Tea and Lavender Sorbet.


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