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Rustic Beer Bread: Tara’s Multicultural Table

THIS is a winner!  I am ready to jump out of bed in the morning and make this right away.  I’ve never seen such beautiful beer bread.  And, if you have never tasted it, well, you are in for a treat.  Tara from Tara’s Multicultural Table received Renee’s blog, Kudos Kitchen By Renee.  Tara said . . .

“We all loved this bread. I had a difficult time getting a photo without Evan’s hands sneaking in trying to steal the loaf! I used one of Chad’s favorite beers available in the United States, Tucher Dunkles Hefeweizen. It paired very well with the bread and Chad was able to detect the flavor. Like many rustic style breads, there is some prep time involved. It is mostly hands off for rising and the bread is no knead, so great for those new to bread making.”

Check out the recipe for Rustic Beer Bread.



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