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Salmon Eggplant Cardamom Cakes: Recipe Taster


You can bet when Alessio from Recipe Taster makes a food presentation it is top notch!  And not only that, I’m sure it tastes fabulous.  I’ve often threatened that I am going to cross the big waters and show up on his doorstep to say hello and let him cook for me.  And his photography is fabulous!  I’m drooling over these cakes now.  His SRC assignment this month was Everyday Mom, Kim.  Outstanding recipes, great step-by-step instruction and she has her own “Vanna White”, daughter Maggie.  Alessio says . . .

“ Being more of a savory tooth, I browsed her collection of recipes to find something appealing to my senses and I stopped by her Salmon Cakes.
As from tradition, her recipe features mayonnaise in it but I wasn’t feeling like adding so much fat in my recipe and so I went for another great mushy product: cooked eggplant!  I did take inspiration from her Old Bay seasoning so much so that I made cardamom one of the main spices in my recipes.”

Check out the recipe for Salmon Eggplant Cardamom Cakes.


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