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Southwestern Stuffed Peppers Two Ways: On the Move In the Galley

Southwestern Stuffed Peppers Two Ways: On the Move In the Galley

I really love peppers.  All kinds.  Red, green, black, green chile peppers, pepper sauce, Tabasco, banana, etc., etc.  As soon as I saw this post, I knew what we were having for dinner.  Unfortunately, the peppers at my local grocer were gross.  So, when my hubs gets back from a business trip, you can be sure we are having some stuffed peppers.  These, particularly!  SeattleDee who blogs over at On The Move In the Galley received Danielle’s blog, Mostly Foods and Crafts for her SRC assignment this month.  SeattleDee said . . .

“Now how easy is that?!? The peppers/chilies and filling are tender, moist and oh! so flavorful. Poblanos can be a bit “peppy”, so if you are not overly fond of chili heat I’d omit any jalapeno or use a few canned peppers . Or you could just add more sour cream topping to your serving; dairy is reputed to moderate the chili heat. The jalapeno seemed less assertive in the sweet bell pepper shell, but it still had a noticeable bite to it.”

Check out the recipe for Southwestern Stuffed Peppers Two Ways.


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