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Southwestern Turkey Burgers: Food for Thought

Southwestern Turkey Burgers: Food for Thought

Dana from Food For Thought made these great looking turkey burgers topped with red onion marmalade. She found the recipe over at her assigned blog, Rhubarb and Honey. Dana made some minor adjustments to the recipe, but attributes the juiciness of this burger to the shredded onion. As Dana says in her post…

“These burgers were great! ¬†Often times, turkey burgers can get very dry, but the addition of the grated onion in the meat kept them pretty moist, and adding the delicious onion marmalade on top made any additional condiments unnecesary!”

Check out Dana’s recipe for Southwestern Turkey Burgers with Red Onion Marmalade


One Response to Southwestern Turkey Burgers: Food for Thought

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    Denise says:

    We made these on Monday night, and they are OUTSTANDING. The red onion jam MAKES it. This is a KEEPER recipe. Thanks so much for sharing.

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