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Sponsorific Spotlight

2013 is in full swing and I wanted to take some time to spotlight our awesome sponsors today. I have some fascinating people to introduce you to (unless you already know them, then you are already aware of how amazing they are!)

First up I’d like to introduce you to…

Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Heather is a busy mom who shares tasty recipes on her blog, as well as having her own radio show! How cool is that? Heather is a fellow Hoosier, who has the same cooking philosophy as I do. No gourmet recipes, just great food that our families enjoy.

Next, I’d like for you to meet…

Blog | Facebook | Etsy Shop

Renee makes beautiful hand painted glasses and tiles. You can check out her Etsy shop at the above link. She also has a blog where she shares delicious recipes, my favorites are the recipes she shares from her heritage, which is German.

Finally, please welcome…

Blog | Facebook

This sweet girl Megan runs the delicious blog Cooking Whims. In her spare time she enjoys singing, knitting, acting, paint-by-numbers, lists, organizing, black coffee, white wine, chunky sweaters, Wheel of Fortune, Autumn, Star Trek, spending time with her family, the state of Maine, the ocean, and poking around the Christmas Tree Shops. She loves photography as well!

I’m so grateful to have such wonderful sponsors.  These ladies are amazing and you should definitely go check each of them out and say hello!

Would you like to advertise on the Secret Recipe Club? Click HERE for more details.


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