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SRC Favorite: Bacon and Feta Pasta


With four sisters in the house, er, uh . . . blog, you know that there is bound to be a few, if not four, strong opinions.  However, when we asked Becca, Emily, Kate, and Megan of Crumbs and Chaos what their favorite recipe was they all agreed on this one!

“Definitely a new family favorite, this recipe contains three of my favorite ingredients – pasta, bacon and feta cheese. The result was absolutely fantastic – so full of flavor. It is an easy dish that doesn’t require a lot of time to make which makes it even more of a winner in my book.”

Check out the recipe for Bacon and Feta Pasta.


One Response to SRC Favorite: Bacon and Feta Pasta

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    Jeanie says:

    When I first saw this posted, I gave it a try and it is a fabulous meal. It's totally trumped regular alfredo in popularity in our family.

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