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SRC Favorites: Raspberry Cream and Chocolate Tart

Katrina from over at the blog, Baking and Boys! talks about her favorite SRC recipe.  Maybe “gushes” is a better choice of words.

Katrina says that, looking back, she’d probably pick this tart that she made last May—

“Raspberry Cream and Chocolate Tart from Holly at Phemomenon. It was SO good. I loved the raspberry
and chocolate and the different textures it had from being a thin sponge-like cake on the bottom for the
tart “crust”. The almond extract flavoring along with the chocolate and raspberry made for a delicious
combination of flavors! This was also super easy to make since the cake batter was just spread into
the tart pan—no tart crust issues! Now that I look back, I want to make this again—soon!”

Check out the recipe for Raspberry Cream and Chocolate Tart.


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