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Steak & Cheese Potato Pasties: Mele Cotte

To my knowledge, pasties ( that is a “short” a, btw) started out many, many years ago as a meal in a pie crust that miners could take with them down into the mines for lunch or dinner.  Or both, depending on their shift.  It was a convenient way for them to get a nourishing, filling meal that wasn’t messy or required utensils to eat.  Of course, many times they were made of steak or beef and potatoes.  My husbands grandfathers were miners and they had the exact same for their meals while they were working.  I have to say that having cheese included in the filling is just a huge treat.  Chris who blogs over at Mele Cotte received Karen’s blog, Lavender and Lovage, for her SRC assignment this month.  Chris said . . .

Steak & Cheese Potato Pasties

Because I am moving into my own place this week, I wanted to leave my sister, niece and nephew with pasties they could heat up for dinner when they needed something quick.  Adding the steak and pancetta allowed some protein.  End result?  Aunt made, nephew approved.  #success”

Check out the recipe for Steak & Cheese Potato Pasties.


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