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Stuffed Mushrooms: Flying on Jess Fuel

I love the way that Jess has used a little play on words to describe a big part of her life, her husband.  In fact her tagline says, “Fueling my Navy Pilot, one meal at a time.”  Right there you know you are in for some good hearty food and a great sense of humor.  Jess has the blog, Flying on Jess Fuel.  She was assigned the blog, Chocolates and Dreams.  It author I’m going to call, Ms. Dreams, for the purposes of this post sense I’m not exactly sure what her name is.  Jess said . . .

“since we’re trying to eat at least a little healthier, I decided to try a yummy-sounding veggie dish instead: Baked Mushrooms. I made a few swaps for ingredients I wasn’t sure about.  Despite the changes, the mushrooms came out great! Definitely a successful recipe swap!”

Check out the recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms.


One Response to Stuffed Mushrooms: Flying on Jess Fuel

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    Thanks for the feature!! I loved these 'shrooms!

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