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Sun Dried Tomato Mac and Cheese with Broccoli: The Pink Apron


YUM!  Just YUM!  This is one of those kind of fabulous dishes that I love to serve my husband on Mondays.  I have successfully served him no meat on Mondays for a while now.  It was only just a couple of weeks ago that he noticed.  So, I guess I’m doing a good job and it is with recipes like this that keep him satisfied and sustained on those occasions that we don’t have any meat for a meal or for an entire day.  Kelly from The Pink Apron received Carrie’s blog, Carrie’s Sweet Life.  Even though there are some incredible sweet treats on Carrie’s blog, Kelly decided on this dish because she loves mac and cheese and had never had a variation with sun dried tomatoes before.  Kelly says . . .

“Thanks to Carrie’s Sweet Life for the inspiration for this recipe!  It was delicious, creamy and absolutely hit the spot.”

Check out the recipe for Sun Dried Tomato Mac and Cheese with Broccoli.


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