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Sweet Corn Risotto: Adventures In All Things Food

Sweet Corn Risotto: Adventures In All Things Food

I’m pretty sure I could make a meal on this.  And those colors!!  Can’t you just taste the creamy smoothness of the risotto, the sweetness of the corn, and the added tang of the green onions?!?  Andrea from Adventures In All Things Food was teamed up for SRC this month with Smells Like Brownies by Melissa..  Andrea said . . .

“The corn was so plump and sweet. I love that this recipe doesn’t overcook the corn. Just toss it in for the final 5 minutes or so and it will be perfect.  Then comes the cheese. Oh, glorious Pecorino Romano. How I love your cheesy goodness.  And now, my favorite part, the recipe reveal. Come on, let’s dig right in.”

Check out the recipe for Sweet Corn Risotto.


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