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Sweet Potato Rolls: Cinnamon Freud

Sweet Potato Rolls: Cinnamon Freud

I know by looking at these rolls that I will be making them as soon as possible!  And, the fact they are made with sweet potatoes spurs me on to add them to the regular menu planning around our house.  Bread is always a treat – kinda like dessert.  So when the whole family gets together, I like to pull a rabbit out of my hat to WOW them with.  Hello, Meet Sweet Potato Rolls!  Karen, a.k.a. Cinnamon Freud received Lisa’s blog, The Authentic Suburban Gourmet, for her SRC assignment this month.  Karen said . . .

“These rolls were wonderful.  Soft and tender and just a little bit sweet.  Perfect plain, warm, cooled, with butter, with apple butter, or if you’re daring cinnamon sugar & butter (breakfast of champions right there).  They would be perfect for- dare I say it- Thanksgiving!”

Check out the recipe for Sweet Potato Rolls.


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