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Cherry Creme Cordials: Oh! You Cook!

Cherry Creme Cordials

Dena who blogs over at Oh! You Cook! received April’s blog, Angels Homestead for her SRC assignment this month. The recipe she chose was Cherry Creme Cordials. Dena had this to say about her recipe… “Every November and December I drop everything and make tons of candy for the Hubby   Read More »

Saltine Toffee: Steak and Potatoes Kinda Gurl

Saltine Toffee

No Christmas dessert table would be complete without this classic candy, Saltine Toffee. Steak and Potatoes Kinda Gurl shares her version with us today. Who knew saltine crackers could taste so yummy? Check out the recipe for Saltine Toffee.

Camaféu de Nozes: From Brazil To You

Camaféu de Nozes-Walnut Cameos

Visual appeal can be just as important as taste when it comes to the foods we eat. Like these beautiful Walnut Cameos from From Brazil To You. They look almost to pretty to eat! Check out the recipe for Camaféu de Nozes.

Most Popular: Peppermint Marshmallows

Peppermint Marshmallows

Our most popular recipe this week from Group A’s reveal, chosen by YOU the readers was Peppermint Marshmallows from Inquiring Chef. Jess’s assignment that she chose her recipe from was Cheap Ethnic Eatz. Jess had this to say about her recipe… “I just love the idea of candy cane striped   Read More »

Marshmallow Popcorn Balls: Angela’s Kitchen

Marshmallow Popcorn Balls: Angela's Kitchen

If this is not the cutest, most colorful, fabulous looking popcorn balls you’ve ever seen, well . . . . LOOK here!  WOW!  This makes me want to run into the kitchen and whip up a batch right now!  But they HAVE to look just like this.  Just amazing.  Angela   Read More »

Trick or Treat Halloween Bark: Eliot’s Eats

Trick or Treat Halloween Bark: Eliot's Eats

I have two weaknesses.  Yes, two.  I know you think I have more, but, you are wrong.  My two weaknesses are 1) seeing all those little kids dressed up at Halloween and 2) picking through their candy for everything I want to eat.  However, this bark may cure me from   Read More »

Chewy Lemonhead Sugar Cookies: Phemomenon

Chewy Lemonhead Sugar Cookies: Phemomenon

When my girls were growing up, Lemonheads were a BIG deal.  They were right up there with Skittles.  If I had whipped up a batch of these, I would have made Mom o’ the Year!  Holly from Phemomenon received Kate’s blog, Kitchen Trial & Error for her SRC assignment this month.  Holly   Read More »

Editor’s Choice: Cadbury Creme Egg Mini Cupcakes

Cadbury Creme Egg Mini Cupcakes

This week our Editor’s Choice comes to us from Christine over at Christine’s Kitchen Chronicles. Her March 18th Group C assignment was Our Eating Habits and the recipe she chose was Cadbury Creme Egg Mini Cupcakes. My daughter Melissa helped me choose this week’s Editor’s Choice recipe, or should I   Read More »

Creamy Mints: Cook Lisa Cook

Creamy Mints

You know the old saying, right?  ”A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Well, that’s the was this picture speaks to me.  Wow!  I could really impress a LOT of folks by making these.  I haven’t tasted them – YET – but I’m quite sure they taste every bit as   Read More »

Monster Marshmallows: Shockingly Delicious

Monster Marshmallows: Shockingly Delicious

Wanna be the coolest mom on the block for Halloween – or any other day of the week?  Well, Dorothy from Shockingly Delicious has the answer for you as does Lindsey from Life and Kitchen.  You just have to make these little jewels.  You will be famous with the kids   Read More »

Editor’s Choice: Apple Cinnamon Truffles

Editor's Choice: Apple Cinnamon Truffles

This week our Editor’s Choice comes to us from Jennifer over at Mother Thyme. Her October 22nd Group C assignment was Christine’s blog Christine’s Kitchen Chronicles, and the recipe she chose was Apple Cinnamon Truffles. The only truffle flavor I’ve ever tried is chocolate, which I love. So when I   Read More »

Classic Foolproof Fudge: Fabulously Fun Food

Classic Foolproof Fudge: Fabulously Fun Food

  Candy can be a fickled friend.  First batch turns out great!  That is beginners luck.  Second batch gets thrown in the trash.  Failure is not an option.  So you search and search for that one recipe that will build your confidence and be a crowd pleaser, too.  Guess what?   Read More »

Most Popular: Ultimate Twix Bars

Ultimate Twix Bars: Hugs & Cookies XOXO

It’s official.  We are all raving chocoholics.  But does this surprise anyone?  I think not.  Danielle from Hugs and Cookies XOXO not only has her way with a Twix Bar, she also knows her way around the camera, too.  In this case, a picture is worth a LOT of drool!   Read More »

Most Popular: Homemade Twix Bars

Homemade Twix Bars: SteakNPotatoesKindaGurl

Seriously?  I mean, when I saw the title to this recipe, I nearly fainted.  Wow and more WOW!!!  From a gal that signs off each post with “Peace and Bacon Grease”, you know that anything from Desi’s place, SteakNPotatoesKindaGurl is gonna be lip-smackin’ good!  Desi’s SRC assignment this month was   Read More »