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The Kristy Kringle: White Lights on Wednesday

Julie has created what I’m going to affectionately call “LOVE”!  But it is really The Kristy Kringle.  What a great name for a perfect drink.  Refreshing, citrusy, and just right for these Indian Summer days!  Julie from White Lights on Wednesday received Kristy’s blog, Gastronomical Sovereignty for her SRC assignment this month.  Julie said . . .

“I love her writing and recipes.  I mean seriously anyone who starts a recipe with, “In a big-ass pot, chuck in all your ingredients.” is my kind of gal!  As always I was eyeing a few different recipes, like Smashed Flat Chicken with Prosciutto & Sage and French Potato Salad with Feta & Lemony Green Beans. For the first time ever, I made my own decision about which recipe to share.  It can happen.”

Check out the recipe for The Kristy Kringle.


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