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The Rules

The Secret Recipe Club is a fun way to meet new friends and discover some great food blogs you may not have found otherwise. It also allows you the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and make a recipe from a blog you are assigned, rather than one that you pick on your own. Because of the nature of the club, each participating blogger waits patiently in anticipation of finding out who made something from their blog. In order to minimize disappointment, there are some rules that must be adhered to in order to join and remain in the club.

Rule #1: 100 recipe & regular posting (updated 01/7/13)

In order to join, your blog must have at the very least 100 recipe posts of recipes you have personally tried and photographed. If you have been using your blog as a way to save recipes you find around the internet, you are most likely violating copyrights. Recipes that are on your blog don’t have to be YOUR original recipes, they can be from elsewhere, but you must have A) made the recipe and taken/posted a picture, and B) given credit to where you found the recipe. This also means 100 posts that actually contain recipes, not posts from a baking group where someone else has the recipe on their blog and you link to it (Tuesdays with Dorie, Sweet Melissa Sundays, Daring Bakers, etc). 100 is truly a minimum, not 99, but 100.

You must also post at least 1 new recipe per month (not including the SRC post) – it becomes difficult for those assigned your blog to pick a recipe that hasn’t already been chosen for SRC if you don’t post new content regularly.

Rule #2: our stand on copyrights (updated 03/01/12)

Secret Recipe Club takes copyright infringement very seriously. If an SRC member uses another blog’s photo and copy/pastes that blog’s recipe onto their own blog, even if they give credit, they are infringing on that blog/site’s copyright. “Fair use” will allow you to use a photo for the purposes of a review or reporting, provided you give proper credit to the source. Fair use does not allow you to copy and paste the entire recipe and photo to your blog. To read our complete stand on copyrights and how it affects you as a member click here.

Rule #3: easy access to your recipes (updated 01/07/13)

All members are expected to have a recipe index to allow easy access to your recipes for the bloggers assigned to your blog for SRC. No one wants to spend their time scrolling through pages upon pages of your blog trying to find a recipe to make! It takes the fun out of the club and most of us have lives outside SRC that don’t allow us time to explore the entirety of a blog to find a recipe to make.

Want to add a Recipe Index to your blog but not sure how? Here is a great tutorial from one of our members, Sarah from The Pajama Chef. These instructions will work with WordPress platforms. Thank you, Sarah!

Recipe Index for WordPress

For instructions on how to set up a Recipe Index on a Blogger platform, I, Sarah from Fantastical Sharing of Recipes, shared an easy tutorial. I am also available for hire to set up one in the Blogger platform. Please see this page for more information.

Recipe Index for Blogger

Rule #4: must be in English

I do apologize, but your blog must be written in English. Even with a translator option it can be very challenging to create a successful recipe as sometimes ingredients and measurements are not translated properly, ending up in a failed recipe result. Any blogs that joined prior to March 5, 2012 have been grandfathered in under this clause. However, if those blogs leave the club for any reason and wish to rejoin they will have to abide by this updated rule.

Rule #5: the three required links for every SRC post

There are three links that must be included in each post for SRC. There are two links to the blogger you were assigned, one to their homepage and one to the recipe you decide on making. You must also include a link to the SRC website. That can be done in text link form or by using a button.

Rule #6: the blog hop for every SRC post

Your monthly SRC post must include the blog hop. Our blog hop is a list of links with cute little appetizing thumbnail pictures. Those pictures/links will take you to all the participating member posts for that reveal date. It’s a great way for visitors to your blog to “hop” from blog post to blog post without interruption. The blog hop code for each month will be found on your group’s page found on the Members Area page under the Members Only tab.

Rule #7: posting on time (updated 01/07/13)

To remain in the club, you must post on time and add your post to the blog hop on time.  Your monthly post should be SCHEDULED to go live on your designated Monday at 12:00am EST. You then have until 12:00pm EST to add your post to the blog hop. If you cannot add your post to the blog hop, please notify your hostess or ask for a volunteer in the Facebook group. We have a lot of helpful, willing members.

If you fail to post, you are leaving someone an orphan. With a couple weeks to select, make, photograph, draft and schedule a post, there should be NO reason to leave an orphan (except in an extreme, unavoidable emergency). Leaving an orphan is grounds for permanent removal from the SRC.

Rule #8: the participation form (updated 06/03/14)

On the 1st of each month, the participation form opens up. The participation form allows for myself and the hostesses to know if you will be participating or not, or if you would like to be removed from the club. It allows us to keep track of what’s going on. You have until the 15th of each month to fill it out. No late entries are accepted. We fill out the participation form two months in advance (i.e. you fill out if you will participate in August in the month of June). If something comes up between the time you fill out the form and the reveal day, please let your hostess know immediately that you can no longer participate, so that someone can cover your assignment.

You may sit out two months, but you must participate the third month or you will be removed from the group. It isn’t fair to those on the waiting list when we have members who continuously don’t participate.

If you miss filling out the participation form two months in a row, or three times total (i.e. missed May, filled out June, missed July, filled out August & September, missed October), you will be removed from SRC. You can reapply, but if you are removed two times from the club for the same offense, you will be removed permanently.

Rule #9: about me (updated 06/03/14)

All members must have a blurb about themselves with a name (first name or nickname) listed somewhere on there blog. This could be a page or a little section on your sidebar. Each month, the member assigned to your blog will write up about you and your blog, as well as the recipe they made from your blog. It is difficult to do when you are completely anonymous.


If you have any questions or concerns about The Rules or need any clarification, please contact me at fantasticalsharing1 at gmail dot com.