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Top 40 Appetizers and Snacks of 2012

I hope everyone had a nice holiday break. Get ready though, because in just 5 more days the Secret Recipe Club will be back in full swing with Group A’s reveal! I’m super excited to say hello to all of our members and welcome them back, as well as our readers. Until then, I thought it would be fun to go back over the last year and share some of our top recipes from each reveal. Today I’m sharing some delicious Appetizers and Snacks. I was seriously drooling as I compiled this list, and I hope you enjoy reading through it as much as I did.

Top 40 Appetizers and Snacks of 2012
To view recipes, please click on the link below each photo.


Maple Glazed Nuts

Lemon Garlic Hummus

Honey & Butter-Glazed Pretzel Bites with Roasted Garlic

Sweet Potato Oven Fries with Avocado Dip

Ricotta Cheese

Fire Breathing Salsa

Tortilla Pinwheels

Chunky Guacamole

Pita Bread

Coconut Shrimp with Curry Dipping Sauce

Bacon Rolled Sour Cream And Chive Chicken Bites

Baked Crazy Feta Dip

Homemade Cheez-Its

Garlic-Parmesan Popcorn

Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

Oatmeal Peach Muffins

Berries and Cherries Walnut Oatmeal Bars

Banana Split Bites

Pineapple Chicken Quesadilla

Cheesy Garlic Knots

Texas Caviar

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Cinnamon Sugar Cashews

Pork Egg Rolls

Peach Salsa

Asian Party Mix

Spinach Ricotta Dip

Cherry Limeade

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries

Butter Buddies

Baked Crab Rangoon

Campari Tomato, Basil and Goat Cheese Tarts

Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Bacon & White Cheddar Ranch Dip

Bacon Mushroom Onion and Cheese Stuffed Bread

Pepporoni Pizza Dip

Cinnamon Churro Chex Mix

Chicken Bacon Ranch Taquitos

Bleu Cheese Ball


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