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Tortellini Salad da Country Gal: Thru The Bugs On My Windshield

When Suzanne of Thru The Bugs On My Windshield received Amy’s Cooking Adventures by Amy for her SRC assignment, she was thrilled!  So many great dishes on Amy’s site, but this one definitely caught her eye.  Suzanne loves to cook, travel, take her camera along for the ride and play “Mai” to her three grandchildren.  Amy learned cooking by “osmosis” in her mother’s kitchen, and as she became an adult decided to give cooking a go for herself.  From the looks – and taste of it, she is definitely an accomplished cook!  Suzanne says . . .

“Of course there are a few variations of ingredients from Amy’s original recipe that you can find here. But overall I maintained the spirit of the recipe and the flavors. I KNOW you are going to love this one! And talk about perfect for the next family gathering . . . this is it!”

Check out the recipe for Tortellini Salad da Country Gal.


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