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Trick or Treat Halloween Bark: Eliot’s Eats

Trick or Treat Halloween Bark: Eliot's Eats

I have two weaknesses.  Yes, two.  I know you think I have more, but, you are wrong.  My two weaknesses are 1) seeing all those little kids dressed up at Halloween and 2) picking through their candy for everything I want to eat.  However, this bark may cure me from #2.  Nothing can cure me from #1.  Eliot who is famous over at Eliot’s Eats received Danielle’s blog, Hugs & CookiesXOXO for his SRC assignment this month.  Eliot said . . .

“Obviously, this recipe is super versatile.   Don’t like peanuts and peanut butter?   Use candy corn (or whatever is left after the goblins raid the candy dish.)    This could also be made for Thanksgiving.   For Christmas, use red and green colored M&Ms and Andes mints.   For Valentine’s day,  use red M&Ms and candy hearts.  For Easter, use malted eggs and pastel M&Ms.   Let your imagination run wild.”

Check out the recipe for Trick or Treat Halloween Bark.


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