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Turkey and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich Braids: Cookaholic Wife


Usually at our house, we have a whole turkey at Thanksgiving, then the proverbial leftovers and a turkey sandwich with a piece of turkey, some mayo slapped between two piece of bread.  Well, not any more.  Not after seeing THIS!  Why settle for “just a sandwich” when you can have a sandwich braid like this?!?  Nicole who is actually the Cookaholic Wife received Isabelle’s blog, Crumb.  Nicole says . . .

“Hopefully my description of simplicity doesn’t come off as insulting and you (and Isabelle) realize I mean it as a compliment. Which is why I slowly scrolled through the recipes in the index, clicking on most of them and staring at the picture for a few seconds, seeing what would pop out at me and completely forgetting to eat my lunch.”

Check out the recipe for Turkey and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich Braids.


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