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Vegan Spicy Chocolate Pudding & Iced Chai: deli-cute-essen


With names like “deli-cute-essen” and “Cooking in Stilettos” you know there has got to be a couple of creative minds at work in the kitchens of Devon and Aly, respectively.  And you wouldn’t be wrong.    In fact, Aly had so many recipes that were irresistible, Devon, who was assigned her blog for SRC this month, couldn’t just pic one.  She picked out TWO recipes to make.  Devon says . . .

“I choose two somewhat spicy but cooling recipes both of which turned out great. They were super easy to vegan-ize by just replacing the regular milk with non dairy. Thank Aly for the yummy-ness with your Mexican Chocolate Pudding and Iced chai Latte.”

Check out the recipes for Vegan Spicy Chocolate Pudding and Iced Chai Tea Latte.


2 Responses to Vegan Spicy Chocolate Pudding & Iced Chai: deli-cute-essen

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    Thanks for featuring my blog this week – but just a quick clarification – It's Devon from deli-cute-essen not Kim.

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