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Watermelon Sorbet Served in a Lime Cup: Cheap Ethnic Eatz

Cheap Ethnic Eatz by Evelyn was assigned This Chick Cooks by Katie.  Evelyn says . . .

“She has great informative posts where she discusses pesticides on fruits and veggies or the dangers of refined sugar.  And then the recipes will help you learn how to substitute bad ingredients for better ones. Looking for a the recipe I was going to make though was a breeze because the ‘coincidence’ was just to obvious to ignore. I made my interpretation of herWatermelon Desserts {lime stuffed with sherbet} because the lime cups are too cute and  just so happen to have watermelon sorbet in my freezer from my Watermelon Carving Contest Entry.

Check out the recipe for Watermelon Sorbet Served in a Lime Cup.


2 Responses to Watermelon Sorbet Served in a Lime Cup: Cheap Ethnic Eatz

  1. 1

    Thank you for highlighting my entry :-)

  2. 2
    Suzanne says:

    VERY cute! And great idea. Love the colors, too!

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