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Zucchini & Caramelized Onion Galette: Miz Helen’s Country Cottage

Zucchini & Caramelized Onion Galette: Miz Helen's Country Cottage

The minute that I saw this savory pie, my salivary glands kicked into high gear and overtime!  Can you just imagine having this beautiful pie sitting in the middle of your table with a big bottle of ketchup sitting there beside it?!?!  Ha!  We don’t need no stinkin’ ketchup!  This galette is perfect exactly the way it is presented.  Like my uncle used to say (he owned his own steak house and was his own butcher), “You are NOT going to put ketchup on that!”  And whenever he spoke, people listened.  Miz Helen blogs over at Miz Helen’s Country Cottage and received Ellie’s blog, The Bitchin Kitchen.  Miz Helen said . . .

“Sure hope that you can stop by and check out some of Ellie’s great recipes.  One of my favorite recipes is the Zucchini & Caramelized Onion Galette, that I am sharing with you today.  It is simply delicious and great for the garden vegetables that we are harvesting right now, this is a perfect Garden to Table recipe.”

Check out the recipe for Zucchini and Caramelized Onion Galette.


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